MP Update

The Edward Hain Community Hospital is loved and supported. I wasinformed late last week that, following a proactive fire safety
review, a phased temporary suspension of the in-patient beds at Edward Hain Community Hospital in St Ives has begun, to allow remedial worksto take place. In other words, the beds will be closed and patients moved elsewhere until fire-safety work is completed. I have beenassured that this remedial work, needed to allow the beds to bereopened, will be carried out as soon as possible and that all other out-patient services operated by Peninsula Community Health (PCH) fromthe site will continue and patients should attend their booked appointments as normal. Changes to healthcare provision can lead to misinformation that can then lead to unnecessary concern and worry. It is important that we avoid this regarding Edward Hain CommunityHospital. Maintaining a community health theme I led a debate in Parliament regarding the role of community pharmacies. The Department
of Health has written to Community Pharmacists setting out the plan to increase the role of community pharmacists as part of a more integrated local care model, including support for healthy living; support for self-care for minor ailments and long-term conditions; medication reviews in care homes.  This is exactly the right direction as we work tointegrate health and social care. I see the community pharmacist as an essential player in a new NHS, equipped to meet the demandsthat modern society places on it. However, funding for CommunityPharmacies will reduce by £170 million.
I know that West Cornwall's community pharmacists want to work withthe Department of Health to improve services, engage in health and social care integration, improve drug waste reduction and improve access to records to support prescriptions.
The future of independent community pharmacists is very important tome and I have asked the Government what assurances it can give to independent community pharmacists in rural areas and what consultationhas been conducted with Pharmacy patients to see what their concerns would be if community pharmacies where to close.