Cornish Trade Show

If your business produces or sells Cornish or Scillonian goods then I 
want to hear from you. On March 8th I am hosting a 'trade show' in 
London where you have the opportunity to promote your wares to some of 
the top hotels, retail outlets and chefs. There are just a few stands 
remaining for producers based in the St Ives Constituency. This event 
has three simple objectives: to support local businesses to grow and 
expand, to promote Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly and to nurture and 
develop the 'Freight on the Rails' initiative. Already local 
businesses are using the new freight service to get their goods to 
customers in London and it is hoped that the event in March will 
create new business opportunities for local producers and demonstrate 
that the freight service is a reliable, safe and environmentally 
friendly method of transporting both fresh and non-perishable 
Following the fuel poverty conference at Penwith College last week, it 
was encouraging to see the determination locally to help people in West 
Cornwall and on the Isles of Scilly to have warm homes and affordable 
At the conference we identified a list of priorities which include, 
securing funds to insulate homes properly; bring an end to prepayment 
meters (that force people on low wages to pay extra for energy); work 
to ensure people pay the lowest cost possible for electricity, gas and 
oil; use renewable energy solutions to replace inefficient heating systems; secure funds to externally insulate 
park homes and argue for a green deal equivalent to help private 
landlords improve their housing stock.
It would take just 3% of the Government's infrastructure spend to 
bring every home in the UK up to a Band C energy rating (which the Government has committed to by 2013). This is money 
well spent if local small businesses secure the contracts to deliver 
the work and, in Cornwall, we have the businesses and skills to do 
this work.
The benefits are healthier homes for all ages, reduced hospital 
admissions, lower energy bills, new skilled jobs and lower carbon 

Derek Thomas 

Member of Parliament for St Ives